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Gift Pack!

It's been a long, long time since I updated this place. I'm so sorry. Anyway, to make up for my disappearance for some time, I hereby present you this gift pack, a midi package! Well, I'll try to find some other things for those non-game lovers, but it'll prob'ly take awhile. Don't worry, in this midi package, there are a few compilation of pop music and prob'ly one or 2 classical music. Please dont' feel down if you don't find the song you're not looking for here. I'll try to find another gift, but it'll take some time. I'm sorry once again, but I hope you'll like the gift pack anyway. Well, if you're looking for a midi, please email me the info of the midi(title, artist,etc.)and I'll help you look for it! I'll be starting an alphabetical order of artists, followed by the songs(midis) some time later. If you have any good midis, please feel free to share them here. Thanks!

Firstly, I would like to thank Sarah Ashrael...a thousand million times, for spending time, compiling this midi package. In return, I hope you game lovers(and for those who want to get some introduction about RPGs and video games), PLEASE visit her webpage. She has a few though, please feel free visiting either ones.


Please feel free to email her about the midis or info's about her homepages at or at No junk emails please!

One thing, please do not use any of the properties below without the consent of Sarah Ashrael. Email her first for further information about using the midis below. Thanks for your co-operation!


 Well, I hope you'll just enjoy the midis below!


Please read the Readme.txt file after downloading the .zip files below. Below here are the information of the .zip file(midi

MIDI consists of 4 .zip files and one readme.txt file. The following .zip files in this MIDI are:


The midi files are divided into groups of .zip files, stated above. Below are the imformation of the 4 .zip files above.

1. video game

Number of files: 13 files(12 midi files and one readme.txt file)

Size of this .zip file: 209kb

Information of files in this .zip file:


2. anime

Number of files: 4 midi files and one readme.txt file.

Size of this .zip file: 152kb

Imformation of files in this .zip file:


3. classical an additional compilation she, Ashrael, has made.)

Number of files: 2 midi files and one readme.txt file.

Size of this .zip file: 42kb

Imformation of files in this .zip file:


4. popular additional compilation of pop songs by Ashrael, not much though, but for those non-game lovers, these are for you).

Number of files: 5 midi files and one readme.txt file.

Size of this .zip file: 161kb

Imformation of files in this .zip file:

CLICK HERE NOW to download your Gift Pack - Midi Package(111kb).

Please email me for comments or suggestions after experiencing your gift pack! Thanks!

Last updated May 24th, 1999.

Courtesy(of the midi package) from Sarah Ashrael®©.

Gift pack idea by Gladys J Chang.